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Lovely article on British BBQ here - we were very happy to contribute.


Next Years competitions starting to get booked up


Our first to be confirmed is Brew n Que in Coalville, Leicester 22-24 May 2020 (KCBS Open)


June 27/28 Shrewsbury Food Festival


Aug 15/16 Smoke & Fire Festival, Colchester


Sept 5/6 Smoke on the Quiet Waters, Devon

August 17/18th - Maldon Smoke & Fire Festival, Essex


Wow what a weekend - last competition of 2019 for us and we were determined to do well.  Competing against some of the best in Europe, the UK and of course our good friends the current World Champs!


Saturday saw two ancillary rounds - a Steak dish, sponsored by BeefSteak Wine Club and then Chefs Choice.  Each of the teams was provided a bullet steak, not a well known or easy cut to cook.  Jon ran with this one and delivered an amazing chicken fried steak dish.  Chris handled Chefs Choice and repeated the winning fish dish from Black Deer - Hot Smoked pomegranate marinated salmon on a potato rosti.


Sunday was traditional KCBS rounds - chicken, ribs, pork butt and finally brisket.


At the results announcement we were thrilled to get a walk for Steak - winning 2nd place.  This meant we had received a call or a walk in ALL of our comps this year - a great year for us!!  Our Chefs Choice came 8th.


Then onto the KCBS results - Chciken 8th (another call), Ribs 10th (another call), alas not top 10 in pork but then a 4th in brisket - a measly 1/100th of a point off 3rd place and a second walk!


Huge congratulations to our great friends and mentors Uncle Tonys Cockney Q for winning GC and also to Bunch of Swines for RGC.


A brilliant weekend had by all - many many laughs and not too much rain thankfully.


Thanks to our sponsors/supporters, Paul Guire of Cococabana GrillBriketts and Clint Meyer of Fireboard.


And thanks too to our long suffering spouses/families who tolerate/support this addiction/hobby.


Onwards and Upwards in 2020







June 22/23 2019 - Black Deer Festival - Tunbridge Wells (Eridge Park)


This is an amazing festival of 'Americana' music and this year Jon travelled south to compete alongside Chris.


A much more relaxed competition than KCBS/IBQN - turns in being totally freestyle.  4 categories, Ribs and Chefs Choice on Saturday, Vegan and Fish on Sunday.


From the off we were much more confident and happier in what we were cooking.


Jon took control of the Ribs which were marinated in pineapple juice before being rubbed with jerk seasoning.  After smoking and wrapping they we're sauced with a pineapple/habanero chilli sauce - the judges loved them (as did the public)


Chris did Chefs Choice - pulled lamb shoulder which had been slathered in pomegranate molasses and baharat spices.  Served in a pitta with mint yoghurt, cucumber, pomegranate seeds and watercress.  Again this was a hit with the public - but the judges had obviously seen/tasted something better


On Sunday Jon did our vegan dish - a McFib, vegan interpretation of a McDonalds McRib.


Finally Chris did the fish round - lightly curing some salmon and then marinating in pomegranate molasses & honey (3/1 mix) overnight.  It was then hot smoked on cedar planks. Dressed on a potato rosti (cooked on the plancha), topped with fire roasted red pepper and crushed pancetta - oh and a rocket leaf :)   This was SO tasty and very well received - one of the judges actually saying 'its a winner' when asked by Dr BBQ.


At the awards ceremony we were awarded 1st place in Ribs and Fish and a 2nd place in Vegan - which was enough for us to receive our first ever Grand Champion award!  What a weekend


Huge congratulations and big love to our fellow competitors BBQ Mates, Reservoir Hoggs, Smokin Dragons and Stateside BBQ - we can't wait to do this one again in 2020 ...


And continued thanks to our very supportive (and extremely understanding) better halves, Rebecca (Mrs S) and Nicole (Mrs A) and our support crew








June 1/2 2019 - SpeedFest at Brands Hatch Race Circuit, Kent


Chris competed in this IBQN event of 8 teams for the 2nd year in a row.  Ably assisted by his real brother and their wives.

This is a great comp - backed up by an American car show/race meet - fantastic sounds and surroundings.


Setup next to Uncle Tony and learnt a lot (we drank a fair bit too!)


Managed to get a walk in Chicken (3rd place)  - which was a great feeling





14/15th July 2018 - Jon attended the second running of the Big Grill festival in Bury to compete in their Lord of the Flames BBQ competition.


And didn't he do well!!! coming away with a cheque for £500....WooHoo!!!


Jon attended the Shrewbury Food Festival (ably assisted by Craig from the Smoking Dragons).  Here are their hand ins and extra cooks.  They got a 3rd in Ribs.


Second Sunday turn in was ribs - and by this point both of the vendors selling ribs had run out!  The public were desperate for the teams hand outs...


As always - our Sherwoods Foods St Louis spares were awesome and so meaty.  Cooked over apple wood - smoked for 3 hours, wrapped with maple syrup/honey/brown sugar and a dash of apple juice for 2 hours and then opened and sauced for the final hour.


Bite was clean and perfect - no pull off the bone that comp judges hate so much.  But they didn't like them...we came 4th



Overall we finished 3rd of 4.  Huge congratulations to the team from Brisket & Barrel in Sevenoaks - those guys were great.  2nd was BBQ Mates and 4th was Reservoir Hogs (but they did win the Dr BBQ team spirit award)



Later Saturday afternoon - the teams had been given a haunch of venison to butcher.  Sundays first turnin was our take on the venison.


We did a whole rump muscle sliced (bottom left) and a faux fillet cut into mini-steaks (right).  With other haunch meat we made kebabs - including chargrilled onions, roasted red peppers and mushrooms.


All meat was cooked on the plancha


Again we came 3rd for this dish

At the end of a glorious day Saturday - we had the most amazing sunset.

Next up was out Burger turnin. 


Basic soft white bun - toasted on the grill.  Mrs A's chipotle burger sauce on both sides of the bun.  Plancha'd patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese and beer steamed to melt.  Topped again with melted onions, tomato, homegrown lettuce and BBQ'd bacon.


Went well with the judges - earned us 2nd place.


First up down south was Chefs Choice and Chris decided to replicate (and tweak) a dish he'd seen done at Grillstock a couple of years back.


Basically a posh surf 'n' turf...


Mustard mash + 6hr apple smoked pork belly cube + apple/garlic aioli + grilled pancetta + seared scallop + a pea shoot


Seriously tasty dish presented on a platter of slate chips.


We had very tough competition from a team of professional chefs and got 3rd place for this.


June 22/23 - Bullet Brothers double header weekend


Jon is headed to Shrewsbury Food Festival to compete in the IBQN competition.  Looks like a fantastic location - please pop by and say hello



Chris is headed to Black Deer Music Festival in Eridge, Tunbridge Wells.  A first time comp - overseen by the great Dr BBQ.   Cooking Chefs Choice and Burgers on Saturday - then Venison and Pork Ribs on Sunday. 


June 9/10 - Brands Hatch SpeedFest - IBQN competition


Fabulous weekend with 8 fellow teams at an amazing location.  Grabbed a 4th for my chicken - disappointing results elsewhere - but will tweak and come back stronger.


Very pleased with the ribs - were great in the gazebo - but failed in the judges tent.

Final hand-in was Brisket.





Third hand-in was Pork.





Second hand-in was Ribs.





May 25-27 saw us at the Brew n Que Open competition at Burton on Trent.  Up against 30 of the top BBQ teams from around Europe plus teams from Australia, Canada and the USA.


Tough scores for us - but a great event and a great learning experience.


First hand-in was Chicken.




Yes folks it's BFC - not KFC...BBQ'd Fried Chicken


Based on a recipe published by our friends at Angus & Oink these thighs and tenders turned out amazingly well.


Cooked in around 45 mins on the Weber Peformer using an improvised vortex made from an old rusty charcoal basket.


we'll be doing these again for sure 





Baby back ribs...could they take over from spares in 2018?


We think so - and especially when they're as meaty as these from Sherwoods Foods.  We rubbed these up with Pork #1 rub from Mad Cows BBQ - available from


Onto the 57cm WSM but using the baby charcoal ring out of the 37cm WSM.  We used Weber briquettes in the minion style - lighting half a baby chimney and dumping them into the middle of a ring of unlit briqs.


Roughly 3 hrs smoking with a couple of chunks of oak - then wrapped.  One rack in foil - plus butter, honey and brown sugar.  The other wrapped in peach paper - same additions.


Around 1.5hrs wrapped - then sauced in a home made sauce and back on to tighten up a bit.


Just plain delicious and a single rack fed two people - but yes could have been easily demolished by one!  Roll on the leftovers later in the week...




Volunteering...helps make the world go around, and you never know how it may end up.  I helped out at Meatopia 2017 this past weekend and on the Saturday ended up assigned to couple of chefs you may have seen on the TV.


Yes that's me with Nathan Outlaw and Tom Brown after cooking ~600 mackeral - the first time in it's 5 year history that a fish dish has been available at Meatopia.


They were both really nice - very down to earth - a real pleasure...




So now we head to finish the year with a flourish - we'll be at The Big Meat Aug 26th/27th 2017.


Copious thanks as always go to Mrs A and Mrs S for letting the boys out to play...

First up on Saturday was Chefs Choice.  


Chris' first ever attempt at a fatty and using Jon's circular pan.  Layered in a base of streaky bacon, then sausage meat (which turned out to be too thick), then spicy cheese slices and finally roasted red pepper.  Then more cheese, more meat and close the bacon ends.


Smoked in the baby 37cm WSM for an hour in the pan - then turned out onto the grill and glazed many times over the next 2 hrs. 


Will bump up the fillings next time and make the sausage meat a bit thinner.  Maybe use a lighter, redder glaze too - but it was tasty.  10th of 19...

Jon then entered the chilli cookoff - and managed a very respectable THIRD place - which qualified us for the National Final in Sept 


Sunday was the normal IBQN/KCBS meats - first up at 12.00 was Chicken.


Stayed bone in this time - and scraped skin - but need to work on the bite through skin


Great glaze which really shone in the sunshine


11th of 19

Next up at 12.30 was Ribs.


Using great St Louis trimmed spares from Gregg via Bobs Family Butchers


11th of 19 entries

Next at 1pm was Pork Butt.


Again using amazing pork shoulder from Gregg via Bobs Family Butchers


12th of 19 entries

Finally at 1.30pm was Beef Brisket.


We used Yorkshire Wagyu brisket and it turned out amazing - tender as anything and really beefy.


Not sure what the judges were on - but it was judged 14th of 19 entries!


Which left us finishing 13th overall out of 19 teams.


We know a few tweeks we can do to help these scores - but have to pray our turn-ins land on a good table.


We were at the Maldon Smoke & Fire Festival - Aug 19th/20th 2017.  Not good results for us - although we (and the public) were very pleased with what we turned in and handed out.


Also partook in the chilli cook off on Saturday - but slightly disappointed as only 100 of the 150 tasters actually bothered to come and try ours....


Final turn-in of the day at 1.30pm was Brisket. 

Third turn-in at 1pm was Pork Butt


Second turn-in was Ribs at 12.30pm.  Cooked exactly the same as our winners at Grillstock (see below).  


Our first turn in was Chicken at 12.00.  Trimmed and de-boned (contraversial) then smoked for a couple of hours in butter.  


Finally sauced in a mix of commercial sauces and a little something else added.


Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Wow what a weekend.  Beautiful weather and SO many of our friends and extended BBQ family were there to share the music, meat and mayhem.  Jon, Ben and the Grillstock team put on a fantastic event every year.


Chris & Jon competed for the team (sadly Steven was not able to join us)


As you can see to the right - we had an awesome result in RIBS!!


Overall we finished 14th of 27 teams - a few tweaks here and there and we'll be right up there








Just look at these beauties..!!!!











Selecting which to turn-in.




Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Final turn-in of the day on Sunday was Ribs.


Using yet more amazing pork from Bobs Butchers care of our sponsor and wonderful supporter Gregg at Sherwood Foods. We were again very happy with our turn-in - but had absolutely NO idea that they were winning ribs until the calls came out.  They were fantastic though!


1st of 27 entries by 1 point in another very tight field for Ribs.











Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Second turn-in of the day on Sunday was Hot Wings.


Using a mix of really spicy rubs and sauces from Firefly BBQ - we were very pleased wth our turn-in - but probably should have submitted more pieces.


13th of 27 entries.











Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


First turn-in of the day on Sunday was Chicken.


Well pleased with how the thighs turned out.  Rubbed with Kinder's Tequila & Lime rub (from California) and then sauced with a secret blend of 2 Blues Hog Sauces (available from BBQGourmet) and rum.  We made a late change to the thighs which left them less than identical - earlier prep next time.


8th of 27 entries - very tight from 2nd to 12th in this category 










Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Final turn-in of the day on Saturday was Pork.


Using amazing pork from Bobs Butchers care of our sponsor and wonderful supporter Gregg at Sherwood Foods.  We were again very happy with our turn-in - but realised after we hadnt sauced...which we feel would have increased our score and final placing.


24th of 27 entries in a very tight field for Pork











Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Fourth turn-in of the day on Saturday was the Mystery round.


We'd got a little caught up in the mayhem of Grillstock by now - and went a little cheeky with the Bulls Head steak we were provided with.  Sadly it hadn't been butchered brilliantly so we couldn't present it the way we wanted.  So we grilled it beautifully on the Summit Charcoal grill from Weber.  It had been rubbed with Jess Pryles hardcore carnivore and tasted so amazing that we decided to enjoy it ourselves - just turning in a single bite each for the judges and and apology note...


27th of 27 entries - even scoring 100 points less than teams that only turned in the bone...












Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Third turn-in of the day on Saturday was Burger.


Didn't really have time to do anything spectacular in this area this year.  So went simple using a really beefy patty that Chris had made up on a butchery course at Green Farm.  


We used brioche rolls and served with lettuce, seasoned mayo and sweated onions.  More work needed on this category for the next comp.


20th of 27 entries











Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


Second turn-in of the day on Saturday was Brisket.


We're extremely lucky and proud to be supported by the Yorkshire Wagyu company for this category and their briskets are absolutely amazing!


We were very pleased with our turn-in following an overnight smoke in the big WSM over cherry chunks.


12th of 27 entries 











Grillstock 2017 - Bristol - 1/2 July


First turn-in of the day on Saturday was Chefs Choice.  


We made Pulled Lamb Shoulder Sausage Rolls.  The shoulder was on the baby 37cm WSM for 6 hours overnight, then pulled and cooled before adding sweated onions/peppers. They worked really well but some muppet forgot to check the seasoning before making them and handing them in.  


24th of 27 entries :( 











Brew n Que 2017 - 27/28 May


We were lucky to be accepted to take part in the Augural European Championships of BBQ Open competition on the Sunday.  A real privilege to meet the top teams from around Europe and to support our UK team friends in the invitational on Saturday.


All three of us competed and had a blast against 34 very experienced teams.


We weren't lucky enough to get any calls on the Sunday - but had a great time cooking.












Monday 18th July 2016 - Please take some time to visit a great friends page here - - Marcus is doing amazing things for the UK BBQ scene...

Sunday 17th July 2016 - in the back garden


Pork Loin rack with crackling, served with onion, fennel and apple gravy and boulangere potatoes (with truffle)


Take one pork loin rack and score the skin with a very sharp knife

Pat the skin dry and leave for an hour or so to truly dry out - then thoroughly rub in Maldon Salt


Take a few fresh sage leaves (3/4 should be fine) and finely chop, add a similar quantitiy of finely chopped thyme.  Using a fine grater, add half the rind of a lemon.

Add salt & pepper and mix thoroughly.


Rub this mixture on the meaty ends of the rack - and any meat not covered by the skin.


Into a suitably sized foil tray - halve enough apples to sit under the rack.  Add sliced onion and sliced fennel bulb.  Pour in enough cider (we used Aspalls Premier Cru Cyder to cover the base of the tray - but reserve some for later.


Please the rack on top of the apples and place the tray into your BBQ (lid down) at around 375f (gas mark 5!)  - our rack took close to 4 hours.


Into another suitably sized foil tray - thinly slice potatoes (we used King Edwards) and large onions.  Mix them together, add warm chicken stock to just below the surface of the potatoes and scatter on diced black truffle.  Season with salt n pepper.  Place in the BBQ with the Pork.


Once the pork was cooked - we placed the skin/crackling back in for a further 30 mins or so whilst the potatoes finished to ensure we a good crackle.  You can finish over direct heat if needed - but this can make it more like pork scratchings than crackling.


In the final few minutes we added some Bisto gravy to the jus (having removed the soft apples, onions and fennel)


Serve sliced pork, with the apple/onion/fennel on the side, a healthy portion of Boulangere and a side of crackling







Saturday/Sunday 2/3rd July 2016 - Grillstock Bristol.


An amazing weekend with the team - and as always a fantastic King of the Grill competition with 29 teams.

Jon and Ben from Grillstock continue to put on outstanding festivals - and the BBQ competition 'on the side' gets bigger and bigger.


Saturday was a frantic day - we had both big meats to cook (brisket and pork) plus Chefs Choice, Mystery Meat (tomahawk steak) and Burgers (our best score of 8th). Our chefs choice went wrong - even though it had been cooked and improved on many times in practise without incident. Oh the joys of competing!


Sunday was less hectic - chicken, wings and ribs - but we cooked a lot of 'spare' meat for the visiting public and they loved it! We even fed one of this years Masterchef finalists with some brisket - to rave reviews...and had a group of people waiting for ribs to come off for around an hour..


Thanks as always to James @Smokewood Shack and Gregg @Sherwood Foods for their continued support - even though our final placing was way below what we'd aimed for!


Onwards and upwards to the Big Meat...







Sunday 5th June 2016 - Black Bean Burgers...


1 15oz can of black beans. Rinsed and drained.

1/3 cup chopped red onion

1 tbsp jalapeño peppers. Use jarred and add more or less depending on taste.

1/4 cup bread crumbs

2 tbsp chunky salsa

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp garlic powder. Or 1/2 to taste


Mash beans and add all ingredients to the bowl.

Season with salt and pepper and mix.

Moisten hands and make into patties.

Should make 2 to 4 depending on size.


Wrap each patty in cling film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Flavour gets better as it sits.


Spray a grill pan with fry light and grill with direct heat for about 10-15 minutes.

You can put directly on grates but it's easier on a grill pan





Saturday 28 & Sunday 29th May - Mayhem in May 2016


A fantastic event - with superb weather across the weekend.

We were 17 teams of really friendly competitors - the campfire Friday night was awesome!!!


The event was organised by Toby Shea (ably assisted by Ed Tory) and we all cooked the four main meats to comply with IBQN rules


We thought we'd done OK - especially pleased with John Reddings first ever turn in of chicken - but knew we had a few issues from being rusty.

The judges agreed and we ended up the strongest team of the pack - holding the rest up in bottom place :(


Individually we placed 10th in Chicken, 16th in Ribs, 12th in Pork and 17th in Brisket


Tough result on team morale - but we'll be back after more practise for Grillstock Bristol - where Steven we be joining Chris, Jon and Ian as a fully fledged member of the Bullet Brothers BBQ team - welcome Steven!






Our turn-in boxes

Sunday 8th May 2016


After a very meaty day yesterday - just fancied something a bit lighter (especially after the heat of the day)


Simple salmon pieces - lightly oiled with homemade chilli oil.

Cedar planked two pieces for around 25 minutes - plank from James at Smokewood Shack.

Direct grilled the other two pieces - flesh side down first for 5 minutes then flipped for a further 2/3 mins.  Then placed on the cedar plank to rest


Beautifully moist, the cedar plank really adds something to the taste



Saturday 7th May 2016


Team test with @JonnyBBQ in Ilkley.  Beautiful day and wonderful hosts - thank you Mrs S:)


Picked up a beautiful chunk of Gloucester Old Spot pork shoudler.

Rubbed with MeatChurch Honey Hog Hot and smoked over pear and cherry chunks from James at Smokewood Shack.


This photo taken at the 4 hour mark - just before we wrapped in foil.  It was divine...such an amazingly tasty breed of pork.


Saturday 7th May 2016


Team test with @JonnyBBQ in Ilkley.  Beautiful day and wonderful hosts - thank you Mrs S:)


Gregg at Sherwood Foods sent us some Jacobs Ladder joints which we smoked in the baby 37cm WSM (as you can see it just about fits!) for around 8 hours over oak chunks from James at SmokewoodShack.

Wrapped after 4 hours - should probably have added some liquid at that point.


Turned out alright though - great smoke ring, amazing beefy taste and still moist.  

There was SO MUCH meat on this joint - look forward to doing these again.


Saturday 30th May 2016


Picked up some quality ribs from my local butcher - Pomfrets in Heathfield High St

They didnt even need trimming


Two racks rubbed with Meatchurch Honey Hog Hot, one with Butcher BBQ Wild Cherry and one with Ribman rib rub


Smoked for 3 hours over Smokewood Shack pear and cherry chunks, then wrapped with a squirt of grapefruit juice and some butter for a further 2 hours.

Then unwrapped and sauced with Mrs As secret BBQ sauce recipe ... fall off the bone tender

Thursday night (21st April 2016) 


Sometimes you have to have a proper grilled steak

You just don't get this taste out of a pan!


Rump - lightly rubbed with olive oil, added salt n pepper

Served with some wild garlic sauce (made by Mrs A) 

Easter weekend 27th March 2016

Lamb Shoulder



One whole shoulder of lamb

Garlic slices

Rosemary sprigs

Olive oil


Stabbed the shoulder all above and inserted slices of garlic and a sprig of rosemary into each incision

Got the 37cm WSM sat at 200f and placed the shoulder in a foil pan (to collect juices) on some wild garlic leaves

It went for 6 hours straight - with some white wine added into the juices every couple of hours

(No smoke on this cook as a couple of family aren't so keen)


Pulled apart perfectly - the bone just fell out.

It was delicious!!!


Sunday 20th March 2016

Rib tests


2 racks of spares - trimmed to St Louis shape and halved

4 different rubs


They all had 2 hours at 200f in the 57cm WSM then foil wrapped and 3 further hours at 250f

Then removed from foil, sauced and back in the WSM for 15/20 mins.


Perfect bite, tender but not fall apart!!



Saturday 19th March 2016

Butterflied Leg of Lamb


1/2 leg of lamb - deboned/butterflied

Marinaded overnight in red wine vinegar, olive oil, crushed garlic, salt n pepper

Griled in the Performer over high heat for around 20 minutes - turning frequently

Move to indirect and leave for a further 20 mins

Remove and rest - carve...


also did Boulangere potatoes in the WSM - 4 hours or so - finished under a grill to get some colour

sliced potatoes, rosemary, s&p, chicken stock....lovely!



Coca Cola BBQ marinade/sauce - from our good friend Stuart Young


I'd forgotten Stuart had sent me this (apologies sir) but it really should be shared.  

He uses his Dutch Oven in this recipe, but placed in the WSM rather than the kettle


1 tin of full fat (Red can) Coca Cola

1 minced Garlic clove

2 tablespoons Tomato Purée

1 tablespoon Dijon

about 100g Runny Honey

75ml Cider vinegar

1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce.

Put all these into small pan and simmer for a few minutes then cool.

Beef - I’ve used short ribs and brisket with this.  The short ribs were marinaded for 48hrs but overnight is sufficient

Using the Minion method and some Cherry Chunks I fired up the WSM and brought the temp to around 120ºC and using the GBS grate put on the Dutch Oven. Placed the ribs around the grill and the marinade in the oven. Cooked for two hours with the smoke then put them in the dutch oven for another 3 hours.


Then I reduced the marinade to a sauce to pour over the meat.

This was my third crack at short ribs and the best yet very tender and the Coca Cola BBQ sauce is very nice too. The sauce is always great.


Thanks Stuart!

Sunday 13th March 2016

Beef Cheeks


Beef Cheeks

Mocha rub care of Marcus at CountryWoodSmoke


Jon trimmed the fat from the cheek and coated the cheek with the rub and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. 

He used a Mocha rub recipe from the CountryWoodsmoke website and cooked it low n slow for about 5 hours or until 85C internal.  

Just about as easy as a slow cook can get!


The rub was the star, it is very flavourful. 




Saturday 6th February 2016 - Valentines

Turkey Breast


along with the offcut of Brisket I also found a half Turkey breast


Turkey Breast

ProQ poultry rub care of Ty at Macs BBQ


Rubbed the breast with the rub and added to the WSM at the same time as the Brisket


After 2 hours transfer the turkey into a pan - and smothered in Stubbs Sweet Sticky BBQ sauce

Covered the pan with foil and return to your smoker for 4 hours.


Remove the turkey from the pan and shred/slice to your preference.  Add some of the sauce/juices from the pan as required




Saturday 6th February 2016 - Valentines

Smoked and Braised Brisket...


Chris has been trying to clear some freezer space - and found an offcut of brisket (around 2lb)


2lb Brisket piece
1 Bottle Hobgoblin beer


Marinade the brisket in the beer overnight


Light your BBQ/Smoker (I used a Weber 37sm WSM) and get it settled at around 110c

Add several chunks of cherry wood, remove the brisket from the beer and smoke for 2 hours

After 2 hours transfer the meat into a pan - returning the beer to the pan also.

I also added some Beef consomme at this point.


Cover the pan with foil and return to your smoker for 4 hours.


Remove the brisket from the pan and shred/slice to your preference.  Add some of the juices from the pan as required




Saturday 6th February 2016

Bullet Brothers BBQ Cannonballs...


After being inspried by Chris' scotch eggs, Jon thought he 'd give them his own twist


He loves black pudding, so these are a bit different.

400g Black pudding
200g Sausage meat
4 Medium free range eggs
8 Slices of streaky bacon
3/4 of a pack of Millers Charcoal Damsels
1 Egg

1. Par boil 4 eggs for 5 to 6 minutes, then place in an ice bath to stop them cooking.
2. Cook bacon lightly so cooked but NOT crispy.  Set aside FLAT.
3. Mix the black pudding and sausage meat until fully combined.
4. Place a piece of clingfilm on the countertop
5. Take a handful of the pudding mix and flatten into a disc on the clingfilm
6. Peel the egg and wrap in two pieces of the bacon
7. Place the wrapped egg in the middle of the pudding disc and pull the edges of the clingfilm up around the egg.
8. Take the ball out of the clingfilm and neatly wrap the pudding around the egg so there are no holes.  (Wet hands help!)
9. Crush the Charcoal biscuits in a blender until fully crushed.  Add a bit of pepper to taste and place in a bowl
10. Lightly whisk the extra egg in another bowl.
11. Roll the pudding ball in the egg, then roll in in the crushed biscuits until fully covered.
12. Refrigerate for 15 - 20 minutes.
13. Prep the BBQ for indirect cooking at 160C.
14. Place the Cannonballs on the opposite side of the grill from the coals.
15. Add a handful of hickory chips to the coals and put the lid on.
16. Cook for one hour or until the meat of the pudding ball is at about 63C.




Sunday 31st January 2016

BBQ Scotch Eggs...


Chris has been wanting to try these for a while now..

Got some beautiful Medieval sausages from Old Spot Farm


Parboiled 4 eggs - roughly 6 minutes just on the boil.  Then plunged into iced water and straight into the fridge for a couple of hours.

Before the next stage - the eggs need de-shelling (seems obvious doesn't it...)


Opened up two sausages per egg - mixed up the meat and flattened out into a round.  

Dusted some Barts green jalapeno chilli powder on one side.

Laid the egg into the middle of the meat and then shaped it up and around the egg - smoothing the meat to ensure NO gaps are left


Rolled the meat/egg ball in beaten egg - dipped in bread crumbs and repeated.

Placed the bread crumbed meat/egg ball on cling film and wrapped - back in the fridge for 15 minutes.


Lit the 37cm WSM with a single small chimney of Weber briquettes and added cherry wood for smoke.

Once up to temp (125/130c) I added the balls and smoked for 90 minutes. (possibly could have been slightly less, but making sure the sausage meat was cooked.




Friday 29th January 2016

Smokey stir fry...


Jons Brisket-week is sadly over, but it's out with a winner!
Left over veg that's been loitering in the back of the fridge and a chopped onion.

Dice up the rest of the barky brisket and add a splach of soy sauce. 

Even helps with the meat detox that is usually required after a week of eating nothing but BBQ beef!





Wednesday 27th January 2016

Corrected links below...


Thanks to our official photographer Mr Stuart Young who kindly pointed out that the links for The Big Meat and Mayhem in May were both mistakenly directed to Grillstock (I blame cut n paste!).  These have now been corrected. He's a top bloke and has some awesome photos (here) and a video of last years Grillstock Walthamstow which I shall endeavour to link to here 




Tuesday 26th January 2016

First brisket practice of the year at the weekend by Jon


And after brisket practice great things always happen - yesterday’s brisket becoming todays brisket grilled cheese...


Chopped brisket fried in BBQ sauce and slapped between two buttered and fried slices with cheese!  Friggin’ great!

And he still has a load of leftovers so is open to suggestions!


A picture of this masterpiece would normally be expected, but we didn’t post a picture for many reasons…


a) Jons wife already thinks he's crazy for taking a picture of every meal he produces as if it’s the most amazing thing ever produced!

b) He's NOT a food photographer (or any sort of photographer for that matter)

c) He couldn’t get the “melty cheese” shot so desired in these kind of things.




Monday 25th January 2016
Confirmed for Mayhem in May 2016...
Also confirmed as a competitor for Mayhem in May 2016.  To be held on 28th & 29th May.

This is the final year of this event organinsed by Toby and promises to be a great one.  Competition being held under IBQN rules.


Watch out for more exciting information as we get closer to the date!


More info on the event here...




Monday 25th January 2016
Confirmed for Grillstock 2016...
A few chewed finger nails - but the announcements have been made - and we're IN.  Confirmed as a competitor for Grillstock King of the Grill 2016.  To be held on 2nd & 3rd July - and only in Bristol this year, it's due to be the biggest KOTG yet.


Jon and Ben ALWAYS put on a fantastic show - so watch out for more exciting information as we get closer to the date!

More info here...


Oh and the Grillstock boys have a book out soon too - here



Monday 25th January 2016
Confirmed for The Big Meat 2016...
Also confirmed as a competitor for The Big Meat 2016.  To be held on 27th & 28th August.

This is the second year of this event and promises to be a good one.  Competition being held under IBQN rules.


Watch out for more exciting information as we get closer to the date!


More info on the event here




Sunday 24th January 2016
BulletBrothersBBQ page goes live...
Well it's taken a while - and still isn't 100% - but let's release it into the wild and see what happens.  Early days yet - lots more content to add - and we'll try to keep the blog active too!




Sunday 24th January 2016
Who cares if the weather is cold, wet, snowy even - we don't!  We grill and smoke all year round




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